Sunday, 1 March 2009

My Ride around Dorking to Reigate

Today I chose a route from Rural Rides no.2 in East Surrey by Ron Strutt. ISBN 1 85284 273 3 called Gems of the Vale. I plotted it into the new GPS and then cycled off from home.
I cycled to Epsom and then up Chalky Lane (nearly in one go!!) and came out at the racecourse. I then went through Langley Vale to where this photograph was taken. It shows the new stand at Epsom now nearly complete and very big!

I then went via Headly and the wonderful Longdown Road to the bottom of Box Hill and into Dorking. From there I joined the route. This is a photo looking back at Box Hill ridge.

Then from there I cycled into Leigh (pronounced Lie) and there is a wonderful green with quaint Elizabethan cottages. The Church (which I photographed but it was too dull a day for it to be a nice photo.) dates back from 15th century, during the middle ages the church didn't have a resident priest so a visiting priest was sent out from Newark Priory near Woking and he stayed in this house.

This is a lovely cottage that was on the route too, just by the Church.

Then from there I cycled past Wonham Manor (which seems to now be a Police Dog training centre) and there is a huge field next to the road filled with deer who are never near enough for nice photos whenever I go past!! - yes they are the white dots in the photo below.

This is More Place which is a medievel building and manor house dating back from the 15th Century. Very nice but now only really visible when the gates are open.

I then went to Brockham - named after badgers aparently! This is a shot of the village green and the church. (13th century in style but actually victorian) The green used to be used for Cricket and WG Grace played here (village claim to fame!)

Then on into Dorking and sat in the Churchyard eating my lunch - a very nice grape and brie sandwich purchased from the Spar in Brockham. Interestingly the sell by date on the sarnie was 29 February 2008!! tasted ok to me!! Then it was on the cycle route alongside the Leatherhead Road back to Leatherhead. On the way out of Dorking I saw this tree house which I have been meaning to photograph for ages. Supurb or what.

Then home via Ashtead and Epsom. Wow... 41 miles. cool huh.

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