Sunday, 22 February 2009

My Mega Ride

Well my route started from Chessington, then through Claygate to Esher, then through Hersham to Weighbridge. From there I meandered to Addlestone (taking a cycle route which took me over this railway bridge with lots of steps to carry my heavy bike up!!)

I then went to Chertsey and headed into Woking on a pavement shared cycle track - which I hate because I really don't think that we cyclists should have to cycle on the pavement as it encourages cyclists to always use the pedestrian route. And I got some looks from car drivers who obviously didn't realise that the pathway was shared. But look where I found!

I then got some lunch - a Sainsburys Feel good ploughmans sandwich and some fruit in Woking and saw some strange sights.

The second one is a homage to HG Wells who lived in the town and the Aliens in War of the Worlds land on Horsell common not far from here.

Then I went to Send and took a little lane to Send Church where I had my lunch. And nice it was too. There were birds all around me and the sun was shining. It was actually warm enough to take my jacket off!!! I did try to see inside the church but it was locked.

The view from my lunch spot

The churchyard with my bench!

Thought I'd try one of those kookie photos that you take yourself... mixed results I feel but its nice to have a photo of me now and again!!

Then I got moving again and cycled along a lane that took me to the A3. I was horrified but it was ok as there was a cycle lane which was OKish. I then took the Clandon Road and cycled happily until I reached the Guildford road. I then decided that I needed to do a hill. So cycled up to Newlands Corner. It wasn't a huge hill but it was enough for me. I stopped a couple of times but got there! I then took time out at the cafe but as there was a huge queue I was pleased that I had brought my flask. Then I went down the long hill into Shere and it was a fab reward for doing the hill! I managed 50km/hr. wheeeee...

From there I went along the A25 until I turned offroad and went along a route I knew that ran parallel to the road through the woods.

From there I went through Dorking and along the cycle path back to Leatherhead. By now the sun was beautiful and I took some pictures of the River Mole

So all in all a great ride. I have plotted it as a route on and will post a like as soon as I figure out how to do it.
Great day had by me. (oh and 3400cals burned off!!)


hef-up-a-hill said...

Sounds really wonderful Lorn I wish I could have done it with you . All my love mum

hef-up-a-hill said...

ps well done