Sunday, 21 December 2008

Birthday Surprise

Well yesterday I went to London. My husband said that we were going to do some pub visits and generally mooch around town. We met my friends Alisha and Keith at the station and went to Waterloo. We popped into the Firestation, which is a really nice pub by Waterloo.

Then they decided that it would be good to go to docklands to see some nice pubs there... little did I know.

We got to North Greenwich station, which is by the O2 Sadium (the old Dome) and they told me they had bought me tickets to see the Stereophonics for my birthday and that's what we were going to do.

We had a wonderful Thai meal at the O2, which is a great venue with lots of places to eat and drink. Then we took our seats and were blown away by the Phonics. They were brilliant. It was a fantastic birthday surprise.

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hef-up-a-hill said...

Oh what a great pressie for you Lorn what a suprise. Thats what realsuprises are about!!!